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A Blue House in the Heart of Brașov

February 15, 2013

Blue House Brasov_Pagina_01

During our URBACT LINKS workshop in Brașov we had the opportunity of a site visit the Offices of the Evangelic Church in the so called Blue House, a retrofitting project by Exhibit Arhitectura (Johannes Bertleff, Dragos Oprea).

Located in the center of Brașov, nearby the famous Black Church, the house dates back to the 1st half of the 18th century and features three major construction phases along with other minor extensions and modifications.  The current facade cavities and outside ornaments were built in 1820.

Blue House Brasov_Pagina_03

The building changed its owners several times until it became the property of the Evangelic Church at the beginning of the 20th century. 1950 it was then nationalised, during the communist regime and given back to the Church after the 1989 revolution.  The restoration started in 2005 as the building was in quite a bad shape, with various structural damages and severe deterioration.

Blue House Brasov_Pagina_13

Blue House Brasov_Pagina_14

The initial assignment was not very ambitious, it was as an attempt to save the house.  During the 4 years construction works the project evolved into a more comprehensive retrofitting, from the foundations to the space under the roof. All the extensions and improper compartments were taken down.

The valuable architectural elements were restored and given the deserved attention and value, based on the deep understanding of the building typology and functioning.


Blue House Brasov_Pagina_09


Blue House Brasov_Pagina_10

Blue House Brasov_Pagina_11

Blue House Brasov_Pagina_12

Below you can see the inner court before, during and after renovation.

Blue House Brasov_Pagina_18

Blue House Brasov_Pagina_18aBlue House Brasov_Pagina_19Blue House Brasov_Pagina_20Blue House Brasov_Pagina_21

A major problem of the building, common to many historic buildings of the city center of Brașov, was the lack of proper foundations, with moisture climbing up the walls.

Blue House Brasov_Pagina_23

Blue House Brasov_Pagina_24Blue House Brasov_Pagina_25Blue House Brasov_Pagina_26

The renovation of the wooden roof structure was the occasion to use this large space, insulating the roof surface and opening windows on the backside of the building, invisible from the street.

Blue House Brasov_Pagina_32

Blue House Brasov_Pagina_33Blue House Brasov_Pagina_34Blue House Brasov_Pagina_35Blue House Brasov_Pagina_36

Locally sourced and well skilled workforce was necessary to restore the existing wooden doors and windows or replace them with similar ones.

Blue House Brasov_Pagina_40 Blue House Brasov_Pagina_41

Even the chimneys were carefully re-built according to the original shape and techniques.

Blue House Brasov_Pagina_30 Blue House Brasov_Pagina_31

The result is a modern and essential interior fully in harmony with the historic spitir of the building and built environment.

Blue House Brasov_Pagina_28

Blue House Brasov_Pagina_29

Blue House Brasov_Pagina_43

Blue House Brasov_Pagina_46

Blue House Brasov_Pagina_49

The tree that survived 4 years deep construction works in the small courtyard next to the building witnesses the sensitive approach with which the project has been designed and built.

Blue House Brasov_Pagina_51

Thanks to Johannes Bertleff for the site visit and project documentation, including professional photographs © Vlad Slavic.

For more information and pictures see the project review on Archdaily

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  1. February 17, 2013 6:13 pm

    Let’s hope more traditional buildings of Brasov will be treated kindly and the skills of the architects will be put at good use! There is a lot to be said about the need of examples of good practice over here! Well done to Johannes Bertleff/ Dragos Oprea’s team and thank you Antonio for writing about it!



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