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Brașov’s Fatzada Project by Depoul de Arta Urbana

February 12, 2013

Brașov hosts every year a street art festival organised by Depoul de Arta Urbana.  The founder of DAU Dan Oprea shared with me  the ideas behind this festival, some notes about living in Brașov and a couple of pictures which reflect the spirit of the initiative.

Brasov Fatzada (4)

You are and artist living in the city of Brașov and dealing with its urban realm in your professional activity. How would you describe in a few sentences “living in Brașov”?

For me, living in Brașov, means living in the historical centre, where I was born and where I have my house. I feel very fortunate to be a Brasovian, a perfect place to raise a family, to be out in nature that is present everywhere, the climate is perfect, in a 3 – 5min distance, I have all the stores, banks, institutions, restaurants, markets, schools, sport arenas, and sport trails, cultural events, clinics, hospitals,..etc. Most of the historical centre is pedestrian, so the kids can play without being supervised, just go out on the street and meet other kids, there is no noise and exhaust fumes from cars and the air is very clean.  You don’t need air conditioning and you don’t need to buy bottled water, because the tap water is coming from a mountain spring. (100m from my house)

What are the aspects of urban life that are part of you and which one do you refuse?

Urban life inspires me and gives me lots of ideas, tools and audience. I like to discover people, discover places and collect stories about them. I don’t like the trends of restaurants owners, who are opening more and more noisy terraces

What kind of contribution would you like to give for a ‘better Brașov’ and how are you trying to do it?

I started to bring my contribution to Brașov, 8 years ago, when I first renovated the ROPE STREET – an emblematic street for Brașov and for Romania, which was in a very bad shape and needed immediate attention. Five years ago, I started FatzaDa Project, a social-cultural project, of urban art and culture, which in a very short time, became the most important festival of its kind. FatzaDa events take place during the entire year, involving artists from every art area and bringing thousands of people to the streets. I help to promote the local artists, raise the awareness about our cultural heritage, encourage community initiatives and find creative solutions to many community problems.  So far, I have very good feedback about my projects.

Can you tell a positive experience you are having with an initiative you are promoting in the city?

I have many examples of people of all ages, who changed their attitudes and become more conscious citizens, who understand and appreciate our diverse cultural heritage and get involved in our efforts of rebuilding the historical canter of Brașov. I have many examples of artists, who became much better, after giving them the opportunity to participate in our projects.

You contributed to the URBACT LINKS Network workshop in February and now you are answering these questions. We owe you something. How can we help you in your mission?

We always worked on an extremely low budget and we would like to be more internationally involved, to share our positive and not so positive experiences, to create intercultural projects and promote our culture and artists. Any help in that direction, would be highly appreciated.

Brasov Fatzada (1)

Brasov Fatzada (15)

Brasov Fatzada (6)

Brasov Fatzada (7)

Brasov Fatzada (8)

Brasov Fatzada (9)

Brasov Fatzada (11)

Brasov Fatzada (12)

Brasov Fatzada (13)

Brasov Fatzada (3)

Brasov Fatzada (14)

Brasov Fatzada (16)

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  1. February 14, 2013 1:02 pm

    Happy to see Brasov, Fatzada and Dan as a topic of your blog! And do come back! There is plenty more to see and say about this beautiful city and its people! Well done and keep up the good work, Dan! Thank you Antonio and see you soon!

  2. February 14, 2013 3:28 pm

    Dear Silvia, thanks for coming along and commenting the post. We had a great time in Brasov and we’ll certainly come back!

  3. February 14, 2013 5:03 pm

    Dear Antonio, thank you for making our project more visible. Silvia is going to get envolved this year and built an eco house. I will keep you updated with things we do and send you pictures and links with our events
    looking forward to see you in Brasov,

  4. February 14, 2013 5:31 pm

    That is great news Dan, Thank you! I look forward seeing Silvia’s Eco House at the next Fatzada Festival!

  5. February 17, 2013 6:06 pm

    Actually is going to be a pavilion built with straw bales that will contain information about using tradition’s wisdom for building sustainably! About the use of traditional techniques and materials for “natural’, “green” buildings. Do, please, join in, Antonio! Thank you for all the lovely materials posted about our beloved city!


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