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January 28, 2013

Here is the report about the workshop sessions on “Tackling Fuel Poverty” organised and managed by Paul Ciniglio at the URBACT Annual conference in Copenhagen. This is an extremely urgent matter as stated by the organisers of the conference at the European Parliament (Cecodhas Housing Europe and the Urban Intergroup) on 22nd of January.

Building Energy Efficiency in European Cities

2012-12-03 15.56.37

Facilitator: Paul Ciniglio, 
First Wessex

Fuel poverty can be defined as the inability to keep a home adequately warm at an affordable cost. A common definition of fuel poverty, used in several European countries, is where a household pays more than 10% of its disposable income on annual fuel bills. Recent studies undertaken in Western Europe reveal that 12% of all households are living in fuel poverty by this definition.

Fuel poverty is particularly prevalent in Europe’s social housing sector, representing some 25 million homes, as occupants are typically on lower than average national household incomes. The issue however, is certainly not limited just too social housing and it is estimated that tens of millions of people across the continent are adversely affected by the situation. Fuel poverty is heavily influenced by the combination of the energy performance of a home and household income, although external factors such as…

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