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January 28, 2013

The URBACT Annual Conference in Copenhagen offered the possibility for urban practitionners to discuss and exchange about the 6 capitalisation workstream mentioned in the previous post. Workstream Building Energy Effiency in European Cities organised two sets of four parallel sessions. Here is the short but very rich report of the workshop managed by Kleopatra Theologidou.

Building Energy Efficiency in European Cities

2012-12-03 15.58.43

Facilitator: Kleopatra Theologidou, 
Architect, MA Conservation Studies
City of Veria, Greece

The workshop started with a short introduction about the importance of protecting and enhancing the historic centres of the cities, where historic and traditional buildings hold a central role to their image and identity. It was pointed out the importance of keeping these buildings alive and to achieve this, the only way is to ensure their continuous and proper use, which means that they should respond to current needs, namely alterations. A major theme under discussion nowadays is energy efficiency. Till recently, however, heritage was out of this discussion at a European level as dealing with certificates and standards, because the improvement of the energy efficiency of historic buildings means alterations which seem to influence the integrity and the historic values of the buildings.

The introduction was further referred to the different thermal behaviour historic and traditional buildings…

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