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BUGA transforms Koblenz

June 10, 2011

Despite the striking location at the confluence between Mosel and Rhein, Koblenz is a very reserved city. I have to admit that I did not even visit this city during the 6 years I lived in Darmstadt, although it was very near, between Frankfurt and Trier.

Today we should better say Koblenz it has been for many decades a silent and quiet city, as the national gardening and landscaping fair “Bundesgardenschau” (BUGA) is aiming at modifying this attitude and reputation. “BUGA verwandelt Konstanz” is the motto of this wonderful event that is regularly organized by the Environmental Ministry.

Through the attention raised by flowers, gardening and landscape architecture the BUGA has a strong focus on the urban regeneration and city marketing, so that many German cities submit application to host this event and receive federal funding to develop and urban integrated concept, for a new urban development or the restructuring of a derelict area like the Ehrenbreit Fortress of Koblenz connecting it to the city center with an impressive cable-way.

Brilliant example of integrated multilevel and interdisciplinary urban development strategies, these events are unique opportunities for cities to attract investment, skills and visitors, create innovation, raise the awareness of citizens about the cultural values of their own living environment and inspire young and old generation to respect natural resources by showing their striking beauty.

Pictures shows better than words the relaxed and friendly atmosphere that can be experienced in a visit to the BUGA in Koblenz. Although it might look just like a typical “theme park” with many “original” pavilions next one-another, this a minor and negligible aspect in front of the striking beauty of the landscape, the opportunity to relax and enjoy nature from several points of view.

The carefully designed and energy-efficient restoration of the “Festung Ehrenbreitstein” and the realisation of a brand new pavilion inside the fortress  is another reason to visit the BUGA.  I had this chance in occasion to the international expert seminar “Value Creation and New Business Models by Energy Efficiency Measures in Historic Buildings” held by the EVoCH network,  European project dedicated to exploring the economical aspect of heritage restoration and management.

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  1. May 24, 2012 6:45 am

    I love this place.thank you for the pictures.
    marg swarnabhoomi

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