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Survey of the Impact of the Economic Crisis on the Architectural Profession

June 4, 2011

Festival dell'Architettura a Trieste Luglio 2010

The Architects Council of Europe (ACE) is tracking, every six months, the impact of the current economic crisis on the architectural profession in Europe. To assist the ACE in its work, European architects are requested to answer a short questionnaire on your opinion of the crisis.

The last survey on the impact of the crisis was published by the ACE in December 2010 and showed that the profession was reporting a “double-dip” recession and continues to be badly affected by the economic downturn. A  moderate sense of optimism and a small recovery in terms of employment for architects is noted, but  lack of confidence in the public sector and the awareness that the crisis is not a temporary one characterizes the outlook of a profession in great difficulty in most European countries.

The questionnaire is now available in 17 languages at the following address:

It should only take a few minutes  to complete it before the 15th June.

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