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How Sustainable Choices Lower Home Insurance Costs

January 16, 2014

Another advantage of going green 

Home insurance coverage is beneficial to homeowners because it’s one of the best ways to be secure financially if the worst should happen. However, there have been recent misgivings about insurance because of the rising costs. In the UK, over five million households have no home insurance because it’s an added expense, while in Ireland The Independent reported that premiums will most likely continue to rise due to higher taxes.

home insurance
It’s a good thing that there are ways of how to lower insurance costs while protecting the environment at the same time—this can be achieved through making sustainable choices in the home. Here are some of the ways, courtesy of the US Green Building Council:

Update Plumbing and Fixtures 

Water damage accounts for the majority of homeowners’ claims in the US, 90% of which is attributed to toilet failure. In comparison to European countries, as early as January of this year Ireland’s insurers are already experiencing financial toil because of this winter’s storms. Aviva’s analysts claim that the demographic of water damage claims is nearly 40%, and this may have been avoided if green-certified fixtures which slow down leaks were installed.

HVAC Systems 

Faulty air conditioning systems cause house fires which account for 15% of insurance claims. Energy-efficient HVAC systems that are not overworked even in extreme temperatures significantly lower the risk of fire. If the house is overhauled to include this system, the risk of freezing pipes may also be avoided.

Energy-efficient Roofing

In updating roofing systems, it’s better to opt for green choices such as recycled steel and aluminium. If 75% of the roof’s surface is made up of these materials, chances are, the house will be safer from damage caused by devastating hail, torrential rain, and strong winds. This translates to a reduction in risk of costly damage to your property, as well as claims from natural disasters.

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