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Ugo Rivolta European Architecture Award 2013 | Call for Affordable Housing Projects

May 27, 2013

The architects chamber of Milan has published the fourth call for projects of the Ugo Rivolta European Architecture Award

In order to participate to the Ugo Rivolta social housing award projects have to be completed between January 2008 and December 2012 in the territory of the EU countries and Switzerland. Social housing residences can be built on the initiative of both public and private sector. They have to provide decent housing to middle and lower income people with clear rules of assignment, addressing a demand for housing that does not find answers in the free market.

Full members of the jury will be: a component of Zanderroth Architekten (Germany), winners of the last edition, Bart Lootsma (Netherlands), Stefano Guidarini (Italy), Giordana Ferri (Italy) and Alessandro Maggioni (Italy). Substitute jury members will be  Orsina Simona Pierini (Italy) and Camillo Magni (Italy).

Vaszquez Consuegra Rota HousingThe first edition took place in 2007 and was awarded to Spanish architect Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra, for the realization of a “Housing complex in Rota” Cadiz (Spain).

Kis Péter Valkai Csaba Prater Housing BudapestThe second edition in 2009 saw already the participation of forty-two projects from twelve European countries. It was awarded to the Hungarian architects Kis Péter and Valkai Csaba, for the realization of “Prater Street Social Housing” in Budapest.

Zanderroth BIGYARD BerlinThe third edition of the Award, in 2011, was awarded to the German architects Sascha Zander and Christian Roth (Zanderroth Architekten), for the realization of the ‘complex BIGyard, in Berlin.

Submission for the first phase can be done online on the dedicated webpage no later than Friday 28th of June 2013  ( 18.30!)

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