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Modern and Contemporary Architecture in Zagreb

June 23, 2012

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During my stay in Zagreb I had also a short guided tour to some modern and contemporary urban villas, a building typology very well developed and embedded in this city, by one of his main actors, Tomislav Ćurković, president of the Croatian Chamber of Architects CCA. As a matter or fact in a few minutes walk or drive from the main square and historic centre ‘downtown’ you can reach the hills surrounding it and find yourself in an almost rural landscape where the wealthy likes to live today as they did in the past.

In these few pictures you will see some contemporary works by DVA Arhitekta D.O.O. (Tomislav Ćurković and Zoran Zidarić)  and some classic modern villas built between 1919 and 1945 along the Novakova street. Architectural language is varied and chastity of modernism is well temperate by the patina of time, mixed ownership and abundant vegetation. 

Everyday life and comfort prevails on self-representation of architects, altough evertything is well designed and built. As Tom explained to me, the same attention was given to the design of interiors (see also this Arch daily’s article)  and outdoor spaces in a balanced sequence of private, semi-public and public spaces which makes public space in the new settlements very comfortable, although there are few bars, kiosks or public gardens and too many big cars all around.

Detailed information for a complete architectural tour of Zagreb can be found on the practical city guide Zagreb Pocket Architecture, published by Zagreb Society of Architects (DAZ) in 2011.

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