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Armani Hotel Roof Extension

May 18, 2012

Roof extensions are a hot architectural topic for various reasons.

Shifting the focus from new building to renovation and re-use of existing buildings ( eventually trying to make them more efficient from the energetic point of view) means also find ways to make renovation profitable.

Reducing cities environmental footprint by keeping them compact, promoting sustainable public transport, avoiding urban sprawl and soil sealing means having to deal with higher urban density and mixed uses.

Increasing interest towards historic buildings as the most reliable real estate asset, being iconic and sustainable buildings at the same time stimulates a lively architectural discourse their manifold ways of transformation.

Giorgio Armani bought this classic modern building in Milan in the 90es to accomodate some of his flagship stores, restaurants, bars, boutiques, a flower shop, offices, showroom spaces etc.

The opening took place some ten years ago and soon the building became a must on the international shopping tours and glamourous nights.

Later on the building was subject to another extensive renovation including roof extension, to accomodate the first 5 star luxury Armani Hotel in Milan  and that’s how it looks like today, seen from via Manzoni.

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