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Bjarke Ingels 8-House in Copenhagen

May 5, 2012

I went to Copenhagen last March for the first time in my life. I was there two days to attend the Meeting of Directors General in Charge of Urban Development on behalf of ACE, but I managed to have a free afternoon and get the lightrail out to the end of Ørestad to visit “the most photographed building of 2011”: Bjarke Ingels Group’s 8-House. I went there to walk this building in and out, from the bottom to the top as I saw in some internet magazine’s report. As you can see from the pictures below, that was a lot of fun.

Don’t worry, trains are coming every few minutes.

Water plays an important role in the new developments. Nowadays the promenades are still quite meager, but let’s wait and see in a couple of years.

The 8-House is by far not the only piece of ‘daring architecture’ around. Here every building seems to struggle for the most peculiar language and expression. Certainly it is a bit too noisy for my taste, but also for this we have to wait and see untill things settle, residents overtake ownership and time makes some patina on those toy colours.

Same building before and after mounting the facade. Maybe in a couple of years if you are sick of it you can take it away and change it with a new one?

Here we go!

The ramp has the right slope so that you can comfortably walk up. For somebody like me that hates elevators, this way to approach a building makes a real difference.

The free spaces inside and around the block are naturally home for many things: some green areas, bicycles, playgrounds, terrace of a cafè…

310.000 Euro for a 106sqm maisonette. Compared with the very high living standards (and high salaries) of Denmark, it seems to me a rather fair price. In most of the ‘frontyards’ I have seen strollers and toys for kids. According to the Danish housing policies these are flats for young families and in fact it seems a really good place to raise kids.

There is not only the ramp to climb the building. There are also stairs and underpasses in a selfexplaing path, where it is very easy to orientate and find your own way.

My impression was that half of the flats are not yet occupied, nevertheless you don’t feel you are in an empty block, especially thanks to the large office spaces that animate the building during the day. The few people I met in my walkaround were more than friendly.

This is the end.

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  1. May 16, 2012 8:33 pm

    Absolutely Gorgeous! Modern Modular with a LEGO Flair! Masterpiece for sure! Just look at the patterned Path around the Building, the artfully landscaped Foyer Hill Mounds with adorable Walkways inbetween, and playful Tot Lot/Bicycle Lockup Yard with Young Hearts in mind! I love all the Modern Glass Usage, the Safety Yard Lights, and the Hallway Lights . . . both on the Ceilings AND the Walls! Pure Genius! Performing a BPO on this Property would certainly make a camera smile! I bet they enjoy some Wonderful, Wonderful, Copenhagen Sunrises and Sunsets! 😉

    • May 17, 2012 9:35 am

      Cheryl, Thanks for the passionate and poetic comment! Indeed every flat in the complex must have a dramatic view! I was just wondering what it means to perform a BPO. Nothing to do with the Berlin Philarmonic Orchestra I guess!?!?

      • May 17, 2012 11:27 pm

        Hi Antonio! I can’t help it! Passion for Real Estate has been a part of me since 1990. I have been a California DRE Real Estate Sales Person since June 1990 and California DRE Real Estate Broker since June 1992. I am on my 5th. CA DRE RE Broker License dba Carte Blanche Real Estate V.

        Although, there has been lots of passion for the subject of Real Estate . . . it has been a love/hate relationship for me from Day 1. My Career has been a “Revolving Door” . . . then I got smart and started my own Company. There have been so many “Criminals” in the Industry, that some of the rest of us who are left and have struggled are even lucky to be alive . . . me included! By the way, I had my 1st. CA DRE Audit June 2010 . . . with “No Violations Noted!”

        Someone in June 2006, introduced me to BPOs – Broker Price Opinions. They are like a small Appraisal, but not as expensive as one and can be done fairly quickly. Since June 2006, I have assisted with the Residential Melt Down (2006-2010) here in Orange County, California and represented as many as a dozen companies across America. I’ve done Hundreds and Hundreds and Hundreds of these along with PCRs – Property Condition Reports. Residential BPOs (Price Opinion) and PCRs (Property Condition) are usually requested to support the Estimated Value or Condition of a Property for a Pending Sale, a Rate & Term Refinance, a Cash Out Refinance, a Loan Modification, etc. I have gotten paid on every one I have ever touched. Wish I could say the same for all of my Real Estate Escrows and/or Mortgage Escrows! The Flow of Work has really dwindled somewhat, but if I get my BPO Certification, then work will pick up. In June 2010, they trained me on Commerical BOVs – Broker Opinion of Value to assist with the Commercial Meltdown (2010-2014) here in Orange County, California. I didn’t want to do BOVs, so I went after several Insurance Licenses and Certifications and I am trying to build an Insurance Agency as we speak.

        And now, I’m looking into and studying Wealth Building using Tax Lien Certificates. The Economy is driving me and my decisions! Change and Adapt is what my Dad always said! He passed away September 2010. My Dad and Mom had just celebrated their 55th. Anniversary. Mom was devastated, but we are coping and moving on. I’m doing a “Basket of Products and Services” to deal with all the changes in my life. Only time will tell. Some of the things I am working on can be found at and I’m always looking at other Opportunities!

        Enough of me . . . isn’t Mr. Bjarke Ingels a Real Estate God? Pure Genius! I find his work to be jaw dropping! Most of the time I’m speechless! I bought his Yes is More Book, the Blue BIG Projects Book, and will buy his Pink BIG Projects Book in another month or two. I hope to meet him one day in person and I want him to autograph ALL three (3) Books. He is single, right? And, children? I just love to hear him lecture! And, his Personality is so refreshing! I’m a Follower of Mr. Ingels, because I believe in Evolution. My evidence is my Tailbone and it has never lied to me. I’m single and no children, so it is okay if I am a Follower. Gosh, I would love to hear him lecture in person! He is so amazing! I love what he is doing for the Planet, for Mankind, and for Animalkind!

        I am loaded up with Car Repairs “To Do” on our 1993 Cadillac Sedan DeVille, otherwise I would be visiting BIG NYC in a Heartbeat. Well, I’ve gotta go. I’ve got some work to do and then I have to get ready for my Tax Lien Certificates Webinar later on today. Have a blessed day! 😉

  2. May 23, 2012 10:54 am

    Hi Cheryl, I am overwhelmed by your passion in real estate and I wish all real estate agents would share your enthusiasm and skills. I have seen a lecture of Bjarke back in 2010 at the European Parliament in Brussels and that was great, indeed. Waiting to see him live you can enjoy his videos on TED or Vimeo. I wish you all the best and hope you’ll enjoy some more posts of mine about cities and architecture!

  3. April 11, 2016 6:51 pm

    Hi ,

    Any renting or home stay @ 8-House in Copenhagen?
    May advise.


  4. April 11, 2016 6:58 pm

    Hi ,

    Any renting or home stay @ 8-House in Copenhagen?
    May advise.


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