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Innovation in Redesign of European Cities – Sara Van Rompaey’s Visual Report about the EFAP Conference in Gdańsk

December 15, 2011

In the framework of Polish Presidency of the EU Council the European Forum for Architectural Policies organised an international  conference in Gdańsk on September 18-20. The goals of the conference were:

  • to indicate an innovative role of architecture in redesign of European cities that is aimed at their development and increase of attractiveness, while challenged by global competition
  • to indicate an innovative role of architecture and urban design in sustainability and harmony of urban environment, while responding to the Europe 2020 Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth
  • to indicate an innovative role of architecture that aims at the life quality, as opposed to short-term and territory-limited profits of mostly financial character, observed at all levels: national and regional, municipal, corporate and individual
  • to indicate a need for cooperation of the state and local authorities, the NGOs, research institutes and profession in support of innovative architecture
  • to indicate the needed actions, carried by EU and governmental bodies in processing the redesign of European cities’ structure
  • to indicate the priorities of the Architectural Policy, accepted by all parties engaged in innovation and architectural quality, aimed at sustainable development of Poland.

Here is the visual report by Sara Van Rompaey summarizing the main issues debated at the conference and illustrated by several case studies and site visits.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

More information and presentations held during the conference in Gdansk can be found at the website of the Efap and that of the Polish Presidency of the EU Council.

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