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Arriving in Warsaw / 1 Streetviews

September 3, 2011

Arriving in a city you have never seen before is always thrilling, even if this city is not the most attractive touristic place of the country or a worldwide cultural magnet. I like to shoot  random pictures right on the airport runway, from the window of a bus on the way to the city or at the first bus stop where I have to wait for the next tramway. Looking at these pictures it happens to discover things you haven’t seen before, other subjects instead of those you intended to shoot,  nice composition you would not have thought about.

These  pictures are taken on the way from the airport to the Hotel Polonia, located on the edge of a huge esplanade and transport hub called Centrum. Calling Centrum a major urban void surrounded by steel and glass highrise buildings and anonymous residential blocks is a masterpiece of disorientation. Since I don’t like to walk with my nose in a city map, I took it as a challenge, to walk around this Centrum and find my way to the Historical city centre, the pedestrian area I was advised to visit.

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