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April 3, 2011

Some more pictures from Almeria, over one month after my short visit there. This time not about la Chanca and not at all something that will give a full picture of the city. Just a few more pictures about some parts of the city: the airport, the way from the airport to the harbour, a view of the harbour from the hotel at sunset, with the “cargadero de mineral” where iron minerals from the inland where poured into the cargo boats. A walk to the city centre up to the beautifully refurbished town hall, one of the central sqaures with palm trees and white marble flooring, small one- or two-storey houses with large entrance doors and large windows with individually and prominently designed grills, the Alcazaba Fortress and its wonderful moorish garden, a view on the popular quarter with flat roof terraces and moorish urban pattern, the house of cinema and so on. This is what I happened to see between the sessions of a very intense 3-days Urbact workshop. The peak of an iceberg of cultural stratification that the city hs to offer to the visitor. Good Bye Almeria.

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